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    2012 - 12.11

    We…. drift into December, trying to remember

    The light has gone away for now, but still somehow

    She….remembers how it used to be

    And it won’t go away,I’m so glad she has stayed.


    We…..are tender to the parts of our lives

    That have shown so much strife.

    Because it won’t always be this way

    And I still have things to say.


    Sitting in the poet’s room…. avoiding words of gloom

    Because She makes me love the world

    Whenever my spirits afraid

    She makes the fear go away.


    Today… the depth of my love rises above the rain

    There will be no more pain after She tells me

    Of the things that she sees, just her and me

    And time has no more meaning.


    It’s all just love, straight from above

    From her heart to mine.

    We’ll see the sun shine

    And her sky will be blue….oh so blue. remember.




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