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    2012 - 02.11

    I remember when I was free,

    Death turned around and stared at me.

    He said, “Your not from this town, watch your step or I’ll take you down”.


    So I rode my bike all the way to Hell

    Just to tell him all is well.

    Laughing hard Satan spoke,

    “Now is not your time

    You’ll know me when you look behind”.

    “Here’s a curse for your life,

    You’ll have to fight the whole climb”.

    “You will suffer, yes you will”,

    You’ll  curse the day  that you fell ill”.


    I laughed at him and this I  said,

    ” Your time is short,

    And when it ends you’ll stand in his court”.

    With that thought on the ground

    I wheeled my bike and turned it around.

    I said, “We got an appointment for the end of time,

    You will answer for your crimes”.


    Until that day I’ll suffer so,

    But in the end I’ll  know where to go.

    You see here man I’m not alone

    I brought an army of my own.

    All the ones you drove insane

    Stand behind me in my name.


    I have waited all my life

    For this moment to end this strife.

    I’ve endured evil things

    Waiting for Gabriels trumpet to sing.

    Then all things will be set right,

    Guaranteed I’ll be at that fight.




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