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    2014 - 07.05


    I await you








    I was still on that train riding out West
    Rolling through the mountains of America’s best
    It was the middle of the fun and we were already halfway done
    Tell me now, “Have you see all those guns”?

    Thinking I had a special wisdom deep indeed
    I always followed an old time, sacred creed
    Mingling only with the chosen, the best
    Any stranger could pass the test.

    And the men standing on the stage
    All of the old songs that they did play
    Thinking we’d just begun
    Didn’t know we’ve had our run.

    Rhymes in life they do abound
    Spoken from a skull with no sound
    Many things now, we have learned
    Nobody told me there was no return.

    The poison rain fell on me and you
    All our best thoughts, were falsely construed
    You showed me true love in this Hell
    I pray, life treats you well.

    So I trudged forward with my last friends
    We all pledged allegiance to the end
    But they died off one by one
    In the end, alone in the sun.

    I used to run with Angels in the street
    Never thought we could be beat
    Even though they were from Hell
    I always loved the stories they’d tell.

    Now I am camped up on the ridge
    My head is empty as my fridge
    I think that maybe just one friend
    Will be here at my bitter end.

    So the days go slow and fast
    Sometimes I see a shadow cast
    Screaming, “Hold me before I die”
    I still have so many words to try.

    Somewhere still the flowers bloom
    There are some here in my room
    But it’s all a disconnect
    And there’s nothing left to protect.

    The law has changed for you and me
    One mistep lose your liberty
    The new Gov-Pigs they will shoot you down
    Tell me what’s happened to this old town?

    And the perpetual machine of satanic greed
    Left so many lost in their need
    I tell you this, Mother Earth
    Is due for a brand new rebirth.

    We are destined to be set aside
    7.5 billion, numbers they don’t lie.
    But some things can’t be returned
    When your little world starts to burn.

    I wish I could say something good.
    About the situation in the woods
    But old trees keep falling down
    Fueling the fire that’s on the ground.

    And a Phoenix, waits in the sun
    The next time has already begun
    If you read these words
    I hope to you they aren’t absurd.

    Maybe you’ll get a chance
    Don’t forget you still gotta’ dance
    Be kind and remember to love
    When you look down from the sky above.

    As a Poet now, I went too far
    Just me, and this ole’ beat up guitar
    But I come back here to say
    All you got is today.

    The place was quiet with no sound
    We laid our crosses on the ground
    And the graveyards reached to the skies
    The Universe, puts on a brand new disguise.

    This is a simple story to tell
    And I say it over and over, oh so well
    But you’re the captain of your life
    Be careful how you handle that knife.

    You’ll stand at the cross roads just like me
    Trying your best now to be free
    Go forth don’t believe the lies
    Try to do something good before you die.

    In the end we all just want some Peace
    A quiet place to be at ease
    Yeah, it’s worth the pain
    What else have you to gain?

    Soon I will just now stand on down
    And I will be trampled to the ground
    By those who seek what I saw
    Running themselves from Deaths open jaws

    In the end now you will see
    That Love still waits for you and me
    We’ll dissolve together in the Sun
    And you and I, will be as one.

    These are Dreams From the Promised Land
    Maybe saying something you’ll understand
    Maybe they are just dreams
    Maybe, you will see.



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