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    2010 - 11.28

    Got that early morning Jive

    Makes me happy to be alive.

    It comes every time I sleep well

    And don’t go messing in my Hells.

    It’s the middle of winter there is no sun

    But I am up early feeling it come

    I feel, like I have hardly begun

    So Strange when you are older.


    The pulp fiction mass, so, so, crass

    Has stolen all my songs.

    Regurgitating them into a chance

    To buy my life back

    Somebody is going to pay for this.

    Demeaning of the dream

    I hear the souls scream

    You know, the ones out there.


    There is a political dance gone beyond belief

    Everyone’s walking around showing their teeth.

    Some in smiles which can go so far

    Some in snarls, some like sharks.

    We are having our little wars

    Nobody knows what their fighting for.

    For the enemy

    Is all of us.



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