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    2010 - 03.24

    Here in the flesh, there is lots to do

    A whole lot of trouble

    Can come to you too.

    These are the horns of the dillema

    So many things you can and can not do

    I won’t live forever

    And I can’t cure you.

    But you know I’ll always love you

    Do anything you want me to.

    I’ve offered my life up

    In exchange for yours

    The gods just laughed at me

    Said I must be bored

    So I’ll have to bribe an Angel

    To look over one of their kind

    Whose seen too much pain

    And was struck blind.

    But don’t forget dear, I been damaged

    I need your love too.

    Now I wake up in the morning

    Wondering, how does it feel to be you?



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