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    2009 - 03.21

    I felt the portal close, the inward shine of a reflection back onto itself
    Musings, too deep to be heard, can you hear the rustle of a diamond turning?
    Sailed so quickly through the storm ridden seas to this point of perspective.
    Always listening to the sirens voice, Should I lash myself onto the mast for protection?
    Are there treacherous rocks I just don’t see?
    The road too, has always been rocky
    As I slammed my soul through all those places
    Looking for someone to love.

    If I could only reach you on the dreamscape, I would tell you these things
    I would dance them into existence…
    Kneeling before you, I would offer up mere words, hoping you will accept this simple gift.

    Know that you are cared for,
    Know that I understand your Rhymes,
    Know that it is fortune upon us,
    Know this all, deep inside,
    Know that we’re both lonely,
    Know that we have some time,
    Know that it’s bigger than us,
    Know this all deep inside.

    I do not drink another’s wine without invitation,
    My grapes are still on the vine
    Luscious, begging to be picked
    And tasted by your perfect mouth.
    What is the path that is true?
    If tragedy falls, it won’t be on you.
    I scream at the Heavens “Who dares to trap this bird”?
    Try to stop destiny, it is so absurd.

    Our collective madness accumulates quickly
    Like a sponge, filled to capacity
    Love drips around the edges of sanity
    So much love, tumultuous, wavelike
    How long can you take it?
    How long before the camels straw?
    Where we watch grandiose dreams
    Sink back into the night.

    I am trying to stay with it, tracking the progress of your Star in the skies
    Being just another planet that wants to orbit in the gravity well of your love
    I look in my bag of tricks and with you I am found wanting
    What can a man offer a Star after all?
    The shadow of doubt has eclipsed you
    Removing my light from the scene
    Maybe you will wake up
    And find out that it’s just a dream.


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