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    2013 - 06.10

    Life is so fast, screams right by you

    You throw your dice and end up with a losin’ hand

    I have to take the life stream up another level

    I sometimes spend my time in cemeteries, Where the bones of life are piled.

    And it doesn’t seem strange.

    Oregon, came here 30 years ago, its time to change …. time to change

    I’m a stranger here and know one sees me, except you. only you.

    Yeah the days were fine but I have no more time to play the Blues.

    Guitars can get me high, As I wander the Great Unreal.

    Jerry plays in my sleep, he is my hero and runs very deep

    Taught me so, taught me so, Everywhere in the Good old USA

    I ran around and Boy I did play, Bikes and buses, It would take years to capture these moments

    So, What’s goin’ down?  The melody is now a song And its gonna’ play it again, play it again




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