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    2012 - 12.16

    Fairies in boots! Yes, you’d better believe it,

    I saw them dancing with my own two eyes

    In my backyard with the animals prancing

    I could not have been more surprised.


    Thin music was drifting down to a place

    I never seen or even tried.

    Moss and mushrooms dancing with Fairies

    Whose boots were leather with silver outside.


    I was drawn so near by the magic spell

    Somewhere between Heaven and Hell

    The fairies took me to strange strange lands

    Mountain rivers to desert sands.


    I woke in the morning something was wrong

    I’d seen too much, and it was the fall

    Where did the time go, I wondered why

    Then I heard the thin music in my mind.


    Nothing could never, ever be the same

    For I had danced the Fairies way

    Now I listen every moonlit night

    Fairy boots tip-taping to my delight.




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