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    2015 - 04.16

    Woke up this morning, with a yawn

    Got up and put some music on.

    Poured some coffee, waiting on the sun

    It’s another new day on the run.


    News came in with a flash

    I threw it out with the trash.

    Nothing makes sense anymore

    Nothing outside of my door.


    Walking in the dew on my lawn

    Hair blowing back, feeling strong

    Just another hippie antique

    A jaded 21st century freak.


    No longer fitting in anywhere

    No more brothers or sisters who care.

    So much love, but so alone

    Words lay scattered around my throne.


    Long ago, stopped asking why

    It’s gettin’ down to do it or die.

    So sick of saccharine smiles

    That know nothing of my trials.


    Never did forget the dance

    Just give me one more chance

    Dark Horse coming ’round the bend

    Furious pace to the end.


    Put everything in a hobo bag

    Wipe my face with a dirty rag

    Worn down shoes keep walkin’ on

    The road is long, but not the song.


    Nothin’ but a recycled scheme

    Nothin’ but a silent scream

    Nothin’ but a change in rhyme

    Nothin’ but another day in time.



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