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    2009 - 08.03

    For Janis……
    You dug yourself up out of that Black Texas dirt
    And transplanted yourself in San Francisco
    Where you gave new meaning to the Blues.
    Nobody saw you coming.
    And there has been nothing like you since you flew away.
    You spoke to the people, enlightened and freed the girls
    Showing them that they were half of the sky.
    A feminist blues singer that screamed out your truths
    With such a force, what a soul you had.
    Your voice changed us forever
    And forever will your voice ring.
    You were lonely in a way we all could see
    Still that didn’t stop you
    From trying to set them free
    I hear you in the Heavens
    When my mood is Kosmic Blue
    Your like a bird singing
    A long and fate filled tune.


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