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    2017 - 10.09

    (For Tedd)

    Nothing lasts forever, excepting the non-tangible.
    This is the home you have in my heart.
    We never would have guessed this path…
    Which tore our journey apart.

    The years have grown so long, to think I outlived you.
    But I won’t be long in the scheme of things
    Life still tickles me to laugh and remember
    Just who you were and what you gave to this world.

    And that stellar beacon I still can see
    That question I always asked to give me certainty
    And to think how short a time it really has been
    You, always a touchstone for me.

    It’s one more ring around the sun, aka, your birthday.
    I write this to celebrate, not mourn.
    For you helped make me who I am
    You lived a quiet example.

    And in the graveyard where the bones of life are piled
    You’re so far away and this gravestone marks your exit
    Just your name hovers, recalling the best of times
    Your name is left on so many heartstrings as well.

    I will never say goodbye, that is like destroying
    A part of myself without which, meaning would be lost
    Just know my astral friend, you never left us
    I’ll meet you at the Jubilee.


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