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    2017 - 02.04

    The old play book was resurrected and dusted off.
    Surely the people have forgotten.
    Pages were reviewed, tactics were derived.
    The new plan was transformed into newfacts.
    Long ago an opportunity was recognized.
    A new quarterback was put into play to run with it.
    And the silent faces hidden behind egged him on
    Fingers were pointed at the quarterback
    Crying Foul! Foul! Boo him out of the game!
    But the silent faces had plans for that
    They knew the quarterback would fall
    But not before the points were scored.

    The fans on both sides of the bleachers
    Each rooting for the right to be right
    Spilled over onto the field fists out shouting
    We can force you to be free they chanted
    And the talking head announcer
    Kept a running commentary going
    Repeating what was quietly whispered
    The words were no longer about the game
    The words were about winning no matter what
    And the people who paid for their tickets
    Shouted over and over, the same numb song
    And I stood silent.


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