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    2010 - 03.31

    Last night a thought came to me

    Like so  many men must have thought before

    I have found I tend to survive better

    By walling off whole parts of my life off

    Denying me most of the pleasure

    Of treasured memory.


    Every thing is light

    It all depends on how fast the frequency of the atom is vibrating

    As to whether it is a solid or a source of light

    So every thing is; still here, yesterday and tomorrow, It is all Now. (This is old Hippy wisdom)

    Because Light is escaping outward to places, we can’t even wrap our minds around.


    I felt my place in the physical, saw the machine.

    Smelled the stench of decay

    Also, I have smelled the tail of the dragon

    And have the rest of my life to write about it.



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