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    2013 - 05.21

    I knew the rides that I took

    Would catch up with me someday

    Karma served up on tap

    To reflect a perfection of drinking

    So much water under the bridge

    All the rhymes we passed over

    Looking for the fortune of a well said word

    My mirror, My muse, where are you?

    You were there when it really mattered

    I slipped on the road to insanity

    And when you knew I was in danger

    You set down your burdens and came running

    You caught me when I fell

    A selfless act so rarely seen

    Saved my life.

    Nothing around here reaches me

    Nothing matters except you

    Remembering  that someday

    Our story will be told.

    You are the star I navigate to

    When  fortune makes me bold

    Until then, I am on my own.

    Praying that I am still there

    Whispering in the mists of your mind.

    While we both serve our time.



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