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    2010 - 04.15

    I’m gonna get me some nice wooden boxes

    Trunks like they old ships would carry

    A fitting place for my life

    A neat and tidy end.

    You see as I look around me

    I see pictures, faces, scenes from the past

    All these good time memories

    That made me laugh and laugh

    But in the end it didn’t last.

    I can’t bear to think what happened to my friends

    It’s better I don’t look back.

    Everything is a symbolic thing

    Of a young mans glorious past.

    So I take these pictures

    And things I can no longer stand

    Put them away forever

    Maybe my children will get a laugh.

    The hardest part for me

    Is I’ve lived long enough to know

    You don’t want to be surrounded by images of misery

    When it’s time for you to go.

    I figure this way is easier

    On those who have to wipe up my life

    These souveniours of my lonliness

    Are meant to be buried now

    Don’t remind me of my life I don’t wanna’ know

    How my life went the way it did

    I sorta’ feel I’ve been had.

    Or was it something I did?




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