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    2015 - 05.12

    Tried so hard to be free

    And still be that me

    That I was once so in tune with.


    So many get their say

    But get lost on the way

    I’m never slowing down.


    Am I in bed and dreaming?

    Is that my voice screaming?

    Please one more chance, just for me…………


    What will happen tomorrow

    With all this time I have borrowed?

    I know it wasn’t free.


    There is something, you should know it

    It’s damn hard to kill a Poet

    Just wait and see………..


    The ghosts try to put me to fright

    But I simply do not bite

    They are dead, not me………


    In the beginning of the day

    My thoughts can be swayed

    But never, ever changed.


    I have love and don’t you know it

    I have a hand, I never show it

    Cards held close that only I ever see………


    So please Father Time

    Give me some slack

    Let me finish the rhyme.


    So glad that you came

    And yeah…… I’m still sane.

    And it’s getting closer to the dawn


    Spirits are on the lawn

    Start the day with a yawn….

    Oh Yes, I’m still strong.


    We won’t stop here

    Until daylight finally appears.

    Now stop all those tears.


    I’m getting so much older

    Lookin’ back at Death over my shoulder

    He’s tracking on me………


    Do I still have the time?

    Do my thoughts still rhyme?

    Is she still waiting there for me?



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