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    2009 - 01.06

    When it gets too much to shoulder

    The whole world’s on your shoulders

    As your getting older

    You feel kicked in.

    Ths is but a phase

    to keep you in trance

    Keep you in their dance

    As they get away.

    I ‘ve seen lots of things

    Made my eyes sting

    Made my ears ring

    With the magnitude of its space

    What is he saying?

    Does he really believe in praying?

    Or that Christ will return as King.

    The man has his faith

    It has gotten him through some kinds of places

    He has left with no traces of his presence

    He believes in a religion

    That no longer exists.

    It will ease your pain

    Put the world back again

    But then you will die anyway

    That’s not the goal

    Life don’t stop in this joint

    We’re here to make a point

    Then move away.

    (SG 2009)


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