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  • I Miss America And She Misses Me Too.

    2016 - 02.22

    I miss America and she misses me too.

    One of these days, gonna’ drop all these blues
    Pick a new direction, any one I can choose
    I’m gonna’ run, yes I will over the hill
    Take all the dreams that I believe in still.

    The highway still remembers my name
    Bikes and cars and the fast lane
    Back to a day where I once was free
    For a long time now, they won’t let me be.

    I can’t remember everywhere I’ve been
    All over this country and what I have seen
    Wanna’ go anywhere but here
    And I’m so tired of the lonely tears.

    I could tell you some of my stories
    About the road and all its glory
    But I’d rather take you there
    You and I with the wind in our hair.

    I miss America and she misses me too.


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