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    2008 - 10.19

    Ice Queen touch my world today

    Ice Queen turns to frozen grey

    Greeting all with her crystalline wand

    Soft flung snow adorns the places you’ve been

    Reflections frozen in Moonlit splendor

    Quietly you flow into crystal streams

    To seep into my day.


    Treasure this timeless part of the year

    Forever frozen in memory

    The years just float right on past

    This never changing scene.


    It’s at this time when all is still

    I see life flow by as if a dream

    Through crystal water lenses

    I peered at your icicle dreams


    Soon spring will come and you’ll be melted away

    Time will spring forward with its madness once again

    Gone will be Winter’s dream

    As I’m kissed awake with a Spring day

    To wonder where I’ve been.





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