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    2009 - 10.31

    God is an Indian Giver

    He eventially takes back all he has given you

    Sometimes the loss is horrific and you are left

    Wondering what you did you do?

    He gave me health  then took it away

    He gave my  youth a home and then took it away

    He gave me the most beautiful man I ever knew,

    Then God Damnit took him too

    God is an Indian Giver, be careful what you take.

    He gave me wealth and took it away

    He gave me a wife and took her away

    And finally, he took my heroes my beloved friends away too.

    I only have one treasure left ,

    We talk about the blessings of this God

    Yet he only gets lip service until he takes from you.

    None of us are above this thing we call it life.

    I call God life, ergo he is the giver and the taker.

    It gets even weirder than this.

    When you follow the words of men.



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