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    2008 - 10.19

    Let my creative spirit flow, like glasses of  fine merlot, painting colored ribbons that you can see.

    Infinities of Devils stare, through my curtains of despair, constantly whispering.

    While the fire burns so high, there’s so many things I would try, to give you anything.

    When the Sandman brings you sleep, a fortress for you to keep, till the morning light.


    The hourglass drains so impatiently, it slowly sets you free, to walk again into the night.

    Paths are there for you to choose, when you win when you lose. Does it matter anyway?

    Climbing up on hills too high, trying to touch the sky, that was my beginning.

    Settling for places deep, I can no longer speak, of any of these things..


    Let my desperation know, there is no room for me to grow, up and out of this reality

    Cursed be the tongue, when fortunes had its run, suddenly your left empty.

    Finding paths towards the sun, I look forward to being one, with infinity .

    Looking out to the Stars, I think I’ve come much to far, to find the ring.


    I have seen so many climb, trying to find the Rhyme, losing the meter on the way

    Words are free, you can see, That the Storyteller knows you and me.

    But then you were gone, these places all went wrong, I am a stranger now.

    Still the wind it will blow, the seasons now it will show, constant changing.


    Once I thought I was wise, trying to not despise, human nature.

    I look around and all I see, are things that could have been, too bad it was lost

    My heart is struck silent, preferring not to relent, to another day

    I tried my best, I am at rest, with my answer.





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