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  • It Really was a Strange Life.

    2008 - 10.19

    The desert sun was relentless

    I had come to the end of my way

    It’s time I took the saddle off this overburdened horse

    And find a place for me to lay.


    All I know is captured in my soul

    I know my dying day is near

    None of you can stop it

    Really my loved ones, there is nothing to fear.


    If I were here and you were there,

    I’d meet you in between

    And not until my dying breathe,

    Confess what I have seen.


    Believe it or not gentle friends

    I’m coming to the end of my words

    And words are all I am

    At least that’s what I’ve heard.


    I can guarantee I’ll see you at the reckoning

    My place is set expectantly

    For my story is an old one

    I am just the current Hero.


    What happened on those broken roads

    Is only for me to see

    Your lives are too good to hear

    What happened in that that nightmare dream.


    I love you all. It’s all too beautiful




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