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  • Journey to Jimi Hendrix’s Grave

    2009 - 09.10

    Just another poem about truckin’ along the highway

    I just jumped in my rig at 3 a.m.

    I had to visit a dead guitar hero whom I outlived by 20 years

    My love is going to be pissed, but we poets are sometimes unpredictable

    I’m driving 200 miles or so to pay homage to a man who barely got started

    But like Icarus he flew too close to the sun.

    And Heaven called him home.

    I have other reasons for my travels, I never go anywhere

    I live in a brown Ghetto, where they’ll take your life and leave you there.

    Used up all of my faith, perhaps this is the reason for my mission

    To peer into the well of death, so life has meaning to me again

    I don’t think I’ll get my future, It just won’t play out that way

    It saddens me, I have so much to offer, but no one will be there.

    I hit Renton WA. early morning, found the cemetery, waited at the gates

    The sun was just rising on the living, Hey, I could get used to this peaceful place.

    There was a man raking, he looked so calm and peaceful himself

    Approaching him I asked him where Jimi’s grave was and he looked at me

    He didn’t speak for a moment, then he said “Over there, by the sundial”

    And he turned his back to me.

    As I walked towards Jimi’s grave I noticed it was well kept.

    Eat your heart out Jim Morrison.

    I felt as if I was one of the dead, long ago something inside of me had died.

    I felt his presence, he knew I was there.

    Did you know they buried him with his white guitar?

    I laid down a dozen roses and that’s when I began to cry

    For the the lost

    For the Years

    For all my petty little fears

    My Heart bled for Rock-N-Roll

    I felt a great weight on my soul.

    This one was like my dad, taken far too young

    I reflected on my life and what had brought me here

    I swear I heard his music, ringing in my ears

    I sat for hours crying about all we had lost

    Me and Jimi a world apart

    A voice said behind me ” He knows what you said”

    It was the yards-man, a smile on his head.

    “I seen so many make this trip just like you, if the world remembered it’s heroes many things would now be true

    I was embarrassed to be caught crying this way he said ” We all miss him you know, those who knew his way”.

    Then like before without a word he turned around and left.

    Suddenly I felt better, had no crying left.

    So if your ever in Renton Cemetery, visit the sundial, listen real close Jimi plays lead in heavens host



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