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    2014 - 06.21

    You know it in these times we just have to stop and look around
    Trying to find a way back and trying to move on.
    I see dreams, I see smiles, I see madness, talkin’ all the while
    I been a dreamer and I had my fun
    Took life as it came at me, spent my time on the run.
    Summer’s sun ya’ know its some kind of fun.

    But you know I have been stuck here, frozen in a fall
    All of my time gone, no home at all.
    Flirting with madness cause there is this call
    Ending up with sadness, living kinda’ small.
    But there has got to be dreams yes
    Got to be some dreams left.

    The sun beats down, my skin is ivory white
    I live in the dark, and now I hide from the light.
    Sometimes you get put down, put to the fright
    Sometimes the man scares you, in the middle of the night.
    Then the morning comes and you do it again
    All alone this time, no words from a friend.

    Big dreams rollin’ yeah they’re rolling by
    Thunder clouds on the horizon
    Begging me to try, Just one more before I die.
    It has got to be real, It has got to be real
    These things that I feel…..But what of the sadness
    When they go away? They go away…….

    Skippin’ skippin’ and a jumpin’
    Like I did when I was young
    My heart a thumpin’
    The shattered pieces of my life, will come together again
    And I’m gonna’ get it together, stop being a fool
    Get it together and stop waiting for you.

    In my time, did a little bit of it all
    Any day now, any day now, any day now
    Played guitar, wrote down words
    Tryin’ to make sense of it all.
    Who stole those things? Who stole those things?
    What happened to my life, my little schemes?

    I went down and didn’t care, No I didn’t care
    I would have died starving
    But for your care, but for your care.
    You don’t know me but you know who I was,
    That was a good enough reason
    To dust me off and listen to my cause.

    The longest day, the longest day
    I had to pick up my pen, write it away
    Reflecting on the road left behind…..
    Reflecting on the madness
    That you put in my mind…..
    That you put in my mind…..

    And all the new ones, they wanna’ dance in the street
    But its been barricaded, by Gov-Pigs on a beat.
    And the old songs still ring, yes they still call
    Get up and shake it, shake it, while you’re still warm
    ‘Cause you will fade, you will fade
    Gone…But not away, Gone, But not away.


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