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    2010 - 12.15

    I am an older man, whose done the best that he can

    I was once a child, running beautiful and wild

    They tried to stop me, but still I, carried on.

    The highways are scattered, dead dinosaur dreams

    The air is poisoned, Industrial Revolutionary schemes

    I seen many strange things since I hit the road.


    Now my heart, I hurt it pretty bad

    It’s seen too much and its been, foolishly had.

    But I won’t complain, For I’ve known love

    Been inside Stone Castle, been here most of my life

    A prison I built to protect me

    From the scream of life

    I get a great sense of observation though

    A unique point from this castle view

    I spend much of my time now, trying to bring back it to you.


    I am a cosmic cowboy from the old school

    Ain’t gonna’ let the government make me a fool

    Gonna’ finish some plans

    The ones that I can

    The ones that have the best chance of coming to fruit

    Keep thinkin” about love

    Keep thinkin” about love

    Keep thinking about love………


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