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    2012 - 03.26

    When things about you do not last

    You keep looking at your glorious past

    Finding yourself still tied to the mast

    To keep yourself from the sirens call.

    Just let it go.


     When the end is near and life takes all you earned

    You sit and watch all your achievements burn

    What lessons did you learn?

    As you ran around not thinking

    Just let it go.


    When the people in your life let you down

    All the smiles replaced by frowns

    You want to leave this worn out town

    For some new destination.

    Just let it go.


    When pain settles into your bones

    You fear you may lose your home

    You feel so very alone

    Sick and hidden from the world.

    Just let it go.


     When the seasons pass and you are on the bench

    Cast out of life, a useless wretch

    Life always makes you stretch

    For the best fruit on the tree

    Just let it go.







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