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    2012 - 09.20

    I’d like to be a librarian

    Yeah I know it’s stodgy

    And old fashioned in a way.

    I want to be left quietly alone with books

    Not staring into some God Damn display!

    Books were my friend and in the end

    I still want it that way.

    Surrounded by words some of them absurd

    But they taught me how to think

    While everyone else blinked.

    It so quiet and peaceful at the library

    Most are abandoned by the texting freaks.

    Yes I am sure I’d like to be a librarian

    Remembering the Dewy Decimal System.

    The heaviest thing I would lift is a book

    Not my heart which is too heavy on this day.

    I wanna turn a page out of rage into solitude

    Too much to put on the shelf anyway.



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