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    2014 - 10.31

    All Hollows Eve, Dark, clinging mist in the air
    The air is sickly sweet, tainted from long ago
    I have been in hiding for most of the year.
    I had thought the Madman dead.

    Surreal Surprise fills my eyes
    I stagger sick, with disbelief
    It took all I had to banish the spell
    My mere mortal strength wasn’t enough.

    I feel pursued, I can sense the gaze
    Focused on my back, intent on bringing me down
    The Madman is out of control
    Coming back to claim my life.

    I shudder, this was always underneath my mind
    My sanity sealed into my fate
    I thought I had won, thought I had saved my destiny
    But I was wrong, he stares at me from the mirror.

    So, it is going to cost me my life
    Really, on Halloween night
    Nothing could be more fitting
    I stand beside myself.

    Often, I heard his cackle
    Warning of his return,
    Midnight giggles of insanity
    What have I left to pay…but my life.



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