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    2008 - 11.19

    Millennium Blues Jive


    Ran into some trouble, ran into some hitches

    This old world full of mean sons of bitches

    But I tell you one day, I will stand by my King

    Until then all the shit that goes down doesn’t mean a god damn thing.


    Gonna’ find my army from the streets

    Nothing like a man with a family to feed

    This nation, change is gonna’ come

    Everybody got to make in the new reality.


    I got me 15 year old truck,

    Built like a tank don’t use it so much

    But she’s still a beauty and can run

    We all gotta’ get used to not havin’ one


    Well we’re in two wars and were supposed to keep world peace

    Were killing families and not being very discreet

    Even  Jesus won’t forgive what you’ve done

    A man who lives by the gun is gonna’ die by another one.


    The earth is heating up and gasping for air

    It ain’t the same sun we used to have out there

    We are choking ourselves that’s for sure

    I feel so sorry for the animals that are getting left behind.


    I’m looking at all the couples out there

    The ones that got it, they don’t care

    Late for the country club, what’s on the financial news?

    I tell ya tomorrow, you’ll be singing the blues.


    Trying to keep my life simple, truth is I got no choice

    Nothing to give , but my voice.

    Learn people , read between my lines

    I’m talking about things that happened in other times





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