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    2010 - 11.22

    Along this time of year, I start missing my life

    Which all along has been strange, so very full of strife.

    The years went by too fast, you can mark my words

    It gets harder each and every morning, or  haven’t you heard?


    I look at my dreams, most of them long past and dead.

    My body is broken,  it seems I’m sick in the head.

    My friends have been left behind me

    I miss them and hope they all are fine.


    Cannot sleep, I live alone

    In a place I thought was gonna’ be home.

    But one of these days, I’ll get it back together

    Find myself some warmer weather.


    I’m gonna’ teach myself to once again laugh

    At all the things that now chaff.

    Throw off this sickness, I’ve done it before

    Get back to life, while it’s still an open door.


    There is still music I need to play

    So many words left to say.

    People I have yet to find

    To help me spend what’s left of my time.




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