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    2011 - 04.05

    The forest is quiet at night

    The air smells of ocean breeze

    Animals creep around in the shadows

    Trying to find what the sunlight left behind.


    My campfire burns low

    I love to watch the embers glow.

    Sitting so still even the deer don’t notice me

    As they silently glide through the night.


    The air smells so sweet and fair

    The industrial machine hasn’t been there

    This is a last refuge for many of the forest animals

    Who see the changes before we.


    I heard the owl call my name from the silence

    Wolves howl in the distance

    Certain of their prey.

    Everyone should spend a night in the woods alone.


    Feel the mists swirl around you

    Showing you what’s really true

    You may remember what you can be

    Alone in the forest amongst the trees.



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