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    2010 - 04.06

    I have lived a wild life, sedate in some circumstances

    But basically out of control.

    In the course of my rhyme I have done many things

    That are considered dangerous.

    And I have paid dear reader I have paid.

    So much broken stuff.

    Bones predominately

    Then my heart

    Then my life style

    And finally my health.

    Broken stuff.

    Can’t ever be fixed

    And I live with pain

    That would make a Banshee scream.

    I don’t know why I have these enduring misfortunes

    Which have dogged me my entire existence

    I never should have done that life

    As a Roman Centurian.

    I know I am paying Karmic Dues

    For the paths so long ago, I decided to choose.



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