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    2009 - 10.19

    Chords are playing the backbone

    Sometimes in Arpeggio

    Notes glide in and out

    playing  like the velocity of a machine.

    My guitar and I were in rare form

    For the music was playing me

    A girls eyes in the front, showed I was registering.

    I played songs as they came to me

    Staying away from the ones still in the black

    But what I knew was that this audience was entertained

    So I played  my guitar until I was drained

    10 people wanted to buy me a drink, I said I’d have one so I could politely think

    Was I ever coming back there?

    And then there is the stroke, making patrons feel good

    Convincing management that you could bring people in

    They all want a demo, I need a band

    This is the side of music that no one understands

    All the work that’s needed to set the words and music free

    I tell you it’s worth it, Best high I’ve ever seen.



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