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  • My Nemesis II

    2009 - 02.21

    So you think you’ve got me,
    Cornered in the night
    Is this the best you can do?
    My Nemesis, I have no fright.

    You have tried so many times
    To rift me of my soul
    The damage you have done
    Trying to wrest control

    You just can’t know
    Of the stuff I am made
    What makes me tick or
    Why I am unafraid.

    “Because sometimes we choose our Gods,
    and sometimes, they choose us.”

    You laughed when I came through the flames
    Sword in hand, very much alive
    Didn’t estimate Your odds
    Didn’t know I’d survive.

    You didn’t count on love
    Being here in the end
    My last and final card
    Victory, Heaven sent.



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