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    2009 - 10.16

    I have been alone most of my life

     Setting my own rules

    Living alone in the middle of a crowd

    Surrounded by fools

    I think this is because, I’ve been abandoned my whole time

    One stood by me, but he lost his life

    Of the second one, although I’m sure

    Things have happened to her that only she and love can cure.

    But I love her, as if this matters to anyone under the Sun.


    Believe it or not, it’s the crazy horse I choose to ride

    Besides being strange myself, I kinda’ like the ride.

    How all of this will come down is unknown to me

    All I want is someone to love and a happy family.

    This will replace, much that threatens my life

    I can change in an instant

    I’m flexible under strife.



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