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    2010 - 10.01

    I went today to see my shrink .

    He was worried about the way that I think.

    He thinks I’m gonna’ be sick in the head

    Because I refuse to take my meds.

    I told him the ones I chose instead

    To keep my head and sanity.

    We sat and went back and forth

    On how I’d done this before.

    I told him it was getting to be a bore

    To have my reality twisted.

    I was reminded of all the times

    I tried to quit but to my surprise.

    I was addicted by his hand

    And now I needed to find some place to land.

    Assuring him I was doing well

    Did not go over very well.

    Even if my life is living hell

    I stopped those bitter pills.

    He said my life was just ups and downs

    Looking through my history with a frown.

    He asked why I always did it the hard way.

    I told him I couldn’t think

    Some days I’d rather sit and drink

    Then eat all those pills I’m on.

    Then he said I needed therapy

    Someone smart that I could see

    Lead me back to reality

    And into the pen again.

    I told him not many knew my path

    And I’d scare them if I lied or laughed.

    He remarked how many times the pills made me well

    I said it was really hell.

    Not to feel or even tell

    What was going on around me.

    We agreed that we should meet

    For a while at least once a week.

    He asked me about my mean streak

    I said my horses were under control.

    He was glad I was sleeping

    Working hard, not much weeping

    But he said disaster was slowly creeping

    If I didn’t follow his advice.

    They always don’t know what to say

    If your case has gone astray

    Said he trusted me to stay

    On the straight and narrow.

    I will do the best I can

    Mostly clean and able to understand

    That even I must meet life’s demands

    From which there is no running.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m very thankful

    That he is on my side

    But taking so many pills is really wasteful

    They affect what’s left of my time.

    So we parted the hour was up

    I never told him the half of it

    Because then I’d be knee deep in shit

    And maybe get put away.

    Maybe sometime, but not today.

    This is my insanity.



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