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    2008 - 11.18

    My Tribulations


    When I was growing up in captivity

    And escaped just to make some noise

    I learned a lot of things pretty fast

    Put away my toys.


    Wandered here, discovered that

    It was all so new.

    When did your enthusiasm go flat.

    Make you ignore the rules.


    It’s fair to say your life’s been hell

    You can even find your way there

    But you’ll never find your way into Heaven

    If you don’t lose that demons stare.


    The Angels sigh for you

    The Holy choir sings for you.

    Cause its been foretold

    In the end you’ll be bold

    And God himself will forgive you.


    Your sins they’ll be in the past

    You’ll earn your backstage pass

    To the city of Eternal Gold.

    So let’s go on with this show

    It’s our turn to go,  pick up your cross and go




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