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    2015 - 04.12

    Before I could think, or even see

    I was pure light, knew nothing of time

    Never had a thought or any form

    I was unsoiled love, not good or bad.


    Then came the wish, the urge

    Pushed out of formlessness

    Into the unlimited cage

    Thus began my forgetting.


    Matter is like a candle with no flame

    And light was attracted, bursting bright

    Now my soul dances on the wick

    Burning to a certain end.


    I became conscious, some call this life.

    Found myself in a head, a brain

    With hands and feet.

    I hit the ground rolling.


    Now, I take up space

    There is a cap on infinity

    Eyeballs wiggle like goldfish

    Taking it all in.


    I count on hands and feet

    Getting me to the next best thing

    My body is the candle

    My soul is the flame.


    The center in my head they tell me is in control

    Head, hands and feet……That’s the connection

    Rolling through the dim light

    Running back to the end.


    Life is but a Nexus, a meeting in time

    A flame on a candle burning down

    Way down, to the end of the wick

    Heads, hands and feet gone.


    When the candle burns out, my soul it will fly

    Back to the end of the beginning

    And I will forget the Nexus

    Until the candle is lit again.






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