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    2008 - 10.19

    I have lived and I have loved

    People places and things.

    I have been to places I’ll never tell

    Some would say that it was Hell


    I’m down on my luck

    I’m black and blue

    Tomorrows another fight

    I wonder what will happen next


    It’s never what you think it’s gonna be

    There is always a snake in the grass

    Just when you think you’ve found true love

    Better watch your ass


    I’m old and I’m weary

    I can’t believe your love for me

    Is it real, what you feel

    Or am I just an old fool?


    Been sick a long time

    Can’t take care of myself

    Never had any reason to

    Since you been gone.


    I see in between the lines

    Of this wretched life

    Sometimes I want to walk away

    Nothing left to say


    I don’t know where you are

    In regards to you and me

    I’m getting older every day

    And time is passing away


    Never wanted anything but familiar faces

    Someone to bring flowers to

    Someone to take me in and love me

    Someone to be true.


    My guitar sings my frustration

    There is suffering at every turn

    Once in while, it gets bright

    So I don’t look back.





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