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    2011 - 02.14

    If I say I’ll still love you tomorrow

    And you know that’s just how I’d feel.

    If I say our love is a lifetime

    Surely you will know that I’m for real.

    And that life with you holds no pain.

    As we run hand in hand together, in the pouring rain.


    I if I say sorrow belongs’

    To the ones who don’t know love.

    And if say your beauty outshines the sun

    And you and I we were meant as one

    Aw….Oh….Life…it can sometimes be so fun.


    And if tomorrow brings my glory back

    There is nothing you would ever lack.

    For you my queen, are the only one.

    Oh I love you just like the Sun.


    You better believe it baby….


    Just like the sun


    Just like the sun.


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