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    2009 - 02.21

    Out of Control

    I’ve lost some of my heroes
    I’ve lost all of my friends
    But all I can say is I did my best.

    This year brought changes
    Put me to the test
    I took what I could carry
    Forgot the rest.

    Foolish people harm you
    Not meaning to be so cruel
    But right now nothings seems cool
    Places start to haunt me
    Can’t get them to go away,
    If this is life, I ain’t gonna’ stay
    This is me talkin’ now.

    If your life isn’t what you want
    Go work in some restaurant.
    There are no wages for a broken man
    If you understand me, then lend a hand
    Look at the need of your fellow man.
    He may know nothing, but he has a soul
    On a journey, learning self control

    Don’t bother to listen to what most people say
    It will only drive you up the wall
    Listen to your heart, it’s right the first time
    It was first to hear the call.
    Then take what you learn
    And let your spirit burn
    Wild and out of control.



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