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  • Flirting with the Edge (Meeting the Family) Up And Down With The Grateful Dead Scene II

    2010 - 03.16

    I look around, high speed velocity is blurring everything.

    Just hung a left turn  at the Safeway at the end of Golden Gate Park onto the Great Highway.

    I’m riding a Yamaha 650 Midnite Special California Edition,  a very fast rice burner.

    Pretty good for a kid  who just got his first ride, aren’t Dope Dollars great?

    Hey, if the C.I.A. can do it,  so can any other American.

    I start from first gear, the front wheel goes into the air, rearing stallion like

    I push forward and continue to accelerate and shift up

    Wound up like a rattle snake ready to strike

    I begin the Laguna Seca run.

    Watching through vigilant eyes as the speedometer passes 100 m.p.h

    Did I just see a sign that said: “Now Leaving Normal”?

    That must be the acid kicking in.

    At these speeds, you either get very dialed in or you go over the Edge.

    Down that long slope to the gaping maw of the Pacific ocean.

    Tonight I’m dialed in

    High speed runs are a matter of math and statistics.

    Wind velocity, gyroscopic angles, counter steering into curves, cops.

    Running the straight-aways like some over-crazed rocket

    Weaving in and out of traffic, a dance that I figured out myself

    On lookers think I have a death wish

    A yearning to go over the Edge.

    But, it’s not true. I did the math, This road knows me.

    And the ocean always waits for that miscalculation.

    I’m on the run to a huge party, meeting the Dead Family.

    Mark this time, you’ve made the scene intact, relax now, smile.

    Do the business, kick back and enjoy yourself for awhile.



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