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    2015 - 04.10

    Every day I get up and hit the streets
    Looking for something to write about
    Sometimes it’s such a feat
    Watching the people run around and shout
    While I just walk my daily beat.

    I see the homeless, more everyday
    Looking into their eyes
    They too, just want to get away
    It should come as no surprise
    That could be me tomorrow….so,just live for today.

    And the kidz, walking home from school
    Excited and shouting, Chomping at the bit
    Ready to break any and all the rules
    I admire the flame in them so recently lit
    Long ago, that was me, and I was such a fool.

    And the potpourri of faces, swimming like fish
    Wonder where they all came from, just what is the story?
    Just how did they come to eat from Americas dish?
    They heard about this land and want a piece of its glory
    Freedom it is, that’s their most important wish.

    As a Poet, my walk is like going to a market
    Everyday, I go shopping for words
    Takes me far and wide, day becomes dark
    Sometimes the words are jumbled, almost absurd
    I Know it’s my life, sometimes rich, sometimes stark.

    And when I sit down and words pour from the pen
    I’m creating a picture, exposing a scene
    A window to the world I do open
    It’s my job, It’s my dream
    And it’s the only way that I can keep coping.


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