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    2015 - 01.27

    I have reached into the darkness

    Walked all over Escher like stairs

    Not finding any direction home

    I finally, just stopped.


    Looking around the blackness

    The stars are just out of my reach

    The light tinkles laughter  on the horizon

    Teasing me to try again.


    And I have found peace

    Far from the multitudes

    Away from the roaring noise

    The view here is indescribable.


    I hit the ground running

    Running my whole life

    From the threats that inflict damage

    And bring me constant strife.


    I refuse to run anymore

    Not giving up my soul, my time

    For some false trinket of security

    Or the illusion of freedom.


    I live with myself in pure silence

    Happy to be at arms distance

    Laying lonely in the bed of forgotten dreams.

    Gracefully acknowledging futility.


    And the never ending dust

    Covers the decay of my life

    Smothering me with what ifs

    And what it should be like.


    No longer dodging, evading

    Now just watching the river of life

    From a safe distance

    Gathering some sense of peace.


    I cannot open their eyes

    Only, live a quiet example

    With each breath, unwinding

    Slowly, back into the night.








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