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    2009 - 03.23

    Praises of Love

    Lord your love for me is higher than any mountain
    Deeper than any sea, wider than the heavens
    You shed your blood for me, shed your blood for me.
    Praises of Love

    My love for you is not an affliction, rather a benediction
    Lord give me a life worthy of redemption
    Bare fruit upon my tree, fruit upon my tree.
    Praises of Love

    The knowledge that we have is never enough
    Let me understand your love
    When the sea gets rough, the sea gets rough.
    Praises of Love

    I’m surrounded by people who do not see
    Lord please now, please set them free
    The beauty you have shown to me, you have shown to me.
    Praises of Love

    And now as I get older, my actions are getting slower
    I long to be at your side, star light in my eyes
    I will praise your love, praise your love.
    Praises of Love

    Forever is such a long Rhyme
    In and out of time, but always in the moment
    Crying tears of joy to thee, tears of joy tears to thee.
    Praises of Love

    Knowing now that you’ll collect me
    I just cannot ever reject thee
    Constant changing but everlasting, changing but everlasting.
    Praises of Love

    I’m letting go now of the pain
    That falls down with the pouring rain
    My yoke falls to the ground, falls to the ground.
    Praises of Love

    I see how I was meant to fly
    My soul now it touches the sky
    I’ll keep singing praises to you, praises to you.
    Praises of Love.

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