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    2014 - 09.16

    It’s creeping towards midnight, I am alone in my house

    Yeah, friends just me and the Beatles and the Stones

    Then maybe some of that good old Grateful Dead.

    I have a million poems to write, places to be led

    The words jostling in my head trying to be first

    But I have these empty feelings, don’t know which is worse.


    It is dark in the room and the LED lamps glow.

    This year was so fast and now it is so slow.

    I always come back here somewhere in my mind

    Listening to music, lost in past times.

    I can take loneliness, I can take the fears

    But it is hard to stand alone when no one else is near.


    It’s the old music, that comes into play

    It’s the old music, that speaks for me today

    In the darkness, I can recall the reasons again

    Plotting what to do, up around the next bend.

    The crickets chirp, my past swims in my brain

    Remembering  times times long ago, fading like a gentle rain







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