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  • On A Quiet Night.

    2015 - 02.22

    One a quite night, you can hear the outdoors

    Which is usually drowned out by the sounds of spinning wheels

    By day, cars form a monotonous noise

    Numbing my brain.


    On a quiet night, in the city, you can hear sirens

    Like ring wraiths screaming, searching for the one ring

    Somebody is in trouble

    Who knows what tomorrow brings?


    On a quiet night you can hear the past

    Going on and on about things that no longer matter

    Don’t mean a thing, never has

    I hope life treats you well.


    On a quiet night, you don’t hear the cops

    Who are fishing and killing

    And they won’t stop

    Until somebody stops them.


    On a quiet night, you have dreams

    Past, present and future

    Rolled up in a ball of mirrors

    Imitating real life.


    On a quiet night, the fire burns low

    And for a short time, there are no worries

    All is as it should be in your little world

    Hang on to this moment, you will need it later.


    On a quiet night lovers dare

    To appear naked and vulnerable

    Showing their love for each other

    In the shadows of the night.


    On a quiet night I remember

    All the things I have been

    Everything I ever wanted

    And all my destined dreams.


    On a quiet night, the Poet labors

    In the silence that surrounds him

    In the morning, he will be gone

    Leaving words like footprints in the snow.



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