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    2009 - 01.06

    When the scene gets weird

    And their pointing fingers at you

    Be careful what you say

    And follow through

    When some says you scare them, something must be wrong.

    Did you learn to act like that in some old song?

    Think about what you say

    Or they may go away

    And you’ll regret it all life long.

    You may be right you know, but keep that in your head

    Speaking wrong , you could wind up filled with dread.

    I got my secrets , you got your own.

    In your mind you feel all alone.

    Well I been there, I’ve  been everywhere

    But I choose to be in this place.

    No one will mock me, nothing really rocks me

     All I want from life is just a taste

    I want a woman by my side.

    Who knows how to treat me

    Never will cheat me

    If that happens I’ll jump off the river bed.

    There is the bipolar, which weighs on our shoulders

    I hope we can work the beast down

    These days I’m crawling, trying to get my health back

    Stop the brain from an attack

    Once I acheive it, If I can conceive it, I’ll be on to bigger wealth.

    This is what you do , when fortune frowns on you

    You change your dream and you find it.




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