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    2009 - 09.04

    This is the time

    This is the place

    For the Atomic human race

    To be tested against itself

    War, Famine, Disease, nuclear scare , biologogical weapons

    A Changing Planet, species moving on forever

    Yes this is the test, do you want to reach the stars Atomic child?

    Your finger is on the button don’t blow it

    Love still lives in your heart , why don’t you show it?

    Rock and Roll saved the world then became a symptom of it’s decay

    We must change this, I know the  old are out there, wanting to fight the good fight

    To feel their feet on the ground one more time even if it means they must die on it.

    Kill your television and join us as we march once again

    Nescessity has redeployed us

    We need to work together as friends.

    Their are others in line , believe it or not

    With fewer chromosomes to change

    Just one mistake on our part, They could take the reigns.



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