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  • Saint Patrick’s Day 2010

    2010 - 03.17

    Yeah, I’m wearin’green today.

    The color of it, makes me look ill.

    I’m sittin’ here at the bottom of this bottle

    Wondering, why I’m drinking still?

    Is it for the  Luck O’ the Irish?

    Or am I sufferin’ too?


    Yeah, we make a good beer here now in America.

    And we drink our daily fill.

    ‘Cause we’re just like the Irish

    Who lost their middle class too.


    But you know here in America

    Many an Irish man came to stay.

    I love drinking in your pubs

    Maybe play a little music too.

    To celebrate the Great Irish…..

    Hear your stories 

    A little bit in me and you.



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